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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 24, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PST

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>> a grown man topping some school kids is a fool's move. >> exactly. >> how they showed him he should pick on somebody his own size. >> white, straggly dog. >> when the call came in rescuers went out. but the dog decided -- >> i ain't going without a fight. >> what it took to wrangle his way to a new home into a snowboarder's headed for a smooth run but -- >> watch the keyers in front. >> see why trying to stop isn't stopping. >> plus the buzzword for your shot at a new ipad mini.
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and two guys one guitar. ♪ >> now meet the pilot kids who have all of the right props. >> for the story. >> for the story. >> as human beings we like to think of ourselves as more bold than animals. you work at "right this minute" long enough you understand, not really. i have "right this minute" nature documentaries. the first one from the plains of scotland. i'm going to describe this guy as an old angry lion and what he's done is walked in to the middle of a bunch of hyenas and decided to pick a fight. the lion may have had one or two drinks. spends the first 30 seconds of the video trying to figure out how to put his jacket on. samuel has apparently taken some umbrage to something a school child has said to him. he has to go through his display which involves taking his jacket
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off. sounds like a group of hyenas. the threat display. goes off. who's having it? i'm going to go for the flex of the biceps. doesn't get the requirement that he wants. decides the guy in the red shirt, that's the hyena that this lion wanted to take out. however, a few seconds later, he realizes there is an entire group of hyenas which descend upon this lion. and give him a bloody good school kicking. >> my gosh. >> but not before the old, wise elephant the old lady from the cafe cafe comes in watch this. i speak the language. >> he clearly looked older than he did. he's some bloke. >> 29-year-old guy started to pick fights with school kids in the middle of the day. goes for another kid there. throws a punch. basically stupid behavior in the streets of scotland.
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now this comes from the streets of manchester. this street apparently notorious for counterfeiting. looking for your fake handbag or fake watch, you go to the street. speculation this may have been two of of the groups involved in counterfeiting. this guy in the white shirt throws a punch and it becomes a ridiculous kind of strange, weird, mass brawl that breaks out in the street. >> how do you know who's on whose team? >> i don't know. two videos perfect examples how we aren't far away from animals. >> time for fun in the snow. first, the slopes in olympic, valley california. a busy ski slope. lots of skiers. lots of snow boarders. the guy's headed down the very sleep slope. >> snowboarder falls trying to stop. but gravity gets the best of him.
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>> oh! >> that's why skiers don't like snowboarders right there. >> takes that skier for a ride. they're new new best friends. >> who's fault? >> the snowboarder wasn't comfortable on that level of hill. >> it is dangerous for skiers to stop in the middle of a slope. sometimes it's hard to get around an obstacle especially if that obstacle is a human, and he did try to stop. now we're going to move from the squaw valley mountain resort to this ski resort. you can see it getting kind of dark because the poster of the video tells us the ski lift had closed for the day. they decided to walk up on foot and just ride their snowboards down like a sled. but probably should have tried it maybe with more space between them. so sorry. it's not done. >> it happened again. maybe they're -- >> the only thing i think, why
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they'd continue to do something that failed the first time. >> you're giving them a lot of credit there. >> watch out. where there's a car on fire there's also someone there to record it. this car apparently had been stolen and abandoned after it crashed in this curb. it was set on fire. as this guy's recording, watch what happens. >> [ bleep ]! >> the car explodes as there are people there watching it. a little while later, another, smaller explosion. >> always irritates me when they nick a car, it happens in the uk all the time when they get to this they burn it as well. not only have they stolen your car, they then destroy it. >> firefighters did get there in time to put it out and keep the damage to a minimum. this guy who apparently had just
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gotten his dash cam installed it in the car a week before decided to get behind this trailer because he was checking it out and then -- >> what? >> whoa whoa whoa. >> yeah! rubber side down. that a boy. >> that's a blowout. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> a sad blowout. >> yep. you can see the tire shred on the road. >> lucky that didn't roll man. super lucky. >> a big congratulations to walter grier. he watches our show on fox in toledo, ohio, our latest winner in the "right this minute" monkey giveaway. keeper it here. you could be next. >> to enter, you need tuesday's buzzword you need to be at least 18 and a legal u.s. resident. >> tuesday's buzzword is coming up. >> stand by for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. hi this is an emergency. there is a white, straggly dog,
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he's out there in the fog and the cold. >> this is a phone call put in to hope for paws hope for paws calls in to rescue this white dog. the woman's seen this dog nearly a week. the dag doesn't have anywhere to live. any type anybody tries to approach the dog, the dog starts running. >> how bad do you want this? >> the dog is out of energy because the dog hasn't been eating. doesn't have any reserves. the guy catches up with dog and uses the classic did. >> stop. sit. sit. sit! >> you can hear the dog barking like i ain't going without a fight. >> heartbreaking and awesome at once. >> from the dog's point of view, a horror more movie. >> okay. >> they even offer the dog the classic cheese burger. >> you'll like it. he'll like you.
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>> when they tries to comb the hair out of the dog's eyes the dog's like i better give up. when they start petting him, he's all chipper and happy. >> maybe that's why he was so angry, hasn't been able to see anything for months. >> you see alfie getting cleaned up. you see all of the hair? i think alfie's true nature comes out. gets a kiss. gives kisses out. alfie's trying to find a forever home. alfie doesn't mind pit bulls and other dogs. he likes to play. he had been microchipped maybe he would have found his way back home. >> hope he gets a home soon. he wants a lot of love. you can see it in his face. >> now you can see his face. >> this guy kept his cool while hiding from the cops. >> there for a while. very cold. >> the hideaway that gave him chills. and brave guys go after the top notch. they must be using very good scissors a one-shot deal.
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lick like us on russian police attempting to crack a case. the house of the accused mother. going over some documents with the mom and saying look your son, accused thief, was supposed to show up in court today. he did not. so they're at the house looking for this guy and they looked around and looked around and couldn't find the guy. the police posted up outside the house waiting for the guy to show back up. while there waiting, two large pizzas were delivered to the house. the mother claimed she was the only one home. why would mother need two huge pizzas in they go back in the house and start looking around again. do you know where your son is? she says no. but the police were suspicious
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again when they realized that mom was not putting away the leftover pizza in the refrigerator. >> i knew it! >> something sinks in the fridge. >> something spoiled in the fridge. mom trying to cover for him. >> surprised, oh there he is! been looking for you everywhere. >> why was he dumb enough to order the pizza? i'm guessing they were in plain view and ordered the pizza. >> might have ordered it before the cops got there. in there for a while, very cold wasn't wearing shoes, barefoot inside the fridge. reports say the officer allowed him to warm up gave him a hot drink, before they hauled him off. >> should have eaten some of the pizza. >> check out these guys from the youtube channel. very phoneded. >> a lot of things annoy us in the world. plenty actually. but at the moment i say the
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hairstyle that's taking the cake. >> what? >> top knot. >> you don't know what it is? look at this. what is this about? it's not even a band. >> look there. >> magnificent. >> if he takes it out the hair will reach the top of his crack. that's amazing because it's functional. >> they have a solution. >> is it a hat? >> it's not a hat. >> yes. >> it is. >> have you seen any top knot hairstyles here. >> are they going to cut people's man buns? >> exactly. >> it's amazing. >> drove around, found someone with a top knot. he puts the gopro on his head walks over to the guy and then -- must be using very good scissors because it was a one-shot deal. >> oh my god! cut the elastic. >> they have a jar where they're
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putting the top knots in. >> i'm suspicious. >> full on crazy. >> criminal. it's criminal. >> these people have grown their hair out for a reason and you're going in and cutting off the top knot because you're judgy? >> drive, drive, drive. >> they're doing it well because we're not getting great footage. you know what i mean? not enough coverage. we hardly saw that one because they were running off. >> now they have their collected top knots. they head over to the beach and toss the knots in the ocean. >> makes me laugh. it's a sketch. >> you're all right. this is all a setup. >> hello. we want to say that we're sorry. >> they're saying they're sorry in their latest video. to check out what was going on, click on today's show or you can see it on our mobile app. >> little jude says his finger's stuck. >> i don't think it's stuck. i think you can get it out.
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that became greater than the sum of their parts pale in comparison to this. ♪ i hate dancing i'll dance tonight. >> reporter: don't ask me why. i just might♪ >> this is the pilot kids playing their new song "nowhere." they couldn't afford to get a second guitar to report the new song. the rest is being done on the bottom and the at same time, rapping. ♪ >> oh i love it. this is awesome. ♪ i'm doing nothing ♪ >> are they lighting up candles. >> part of the song. it's part of what they are singing about. it's brilliant. guitar solos and the key change
9:50 am
comes up here. >> oh. i've got all kinds of questions for these guys. so i'm sure do you because we have the pilot kids. live "right this minute" via skype. this video is obviously getting some awesome attention. be honest because you couldn't afford a second guitar or because you're cool. >> a clever one-liner. we actually have two guitars but thought it would be awesome to play one. >> it is awesome. how long does it take to figure out how do that? >> we've been doing stuff like that for a long time. to figure out that song took a couple of months. >> the props with the video and music be good without the props? >> it was a last-minute decision we're like how crazy would it be since talking about getting high and getting drunk we actually take a shot and smoke a join in the middle of the video? how crazy would that be in we're in california. everything right there was legal that you saw right there. >> if you look at a regular
9:51 am
band they all have like enough personal space around them. you guys are next to each other. what's that like? >> we learned exactly what each other smells like. >> definitely. >> we had the plan from the beginning of when we would play open mikes and nobody would know us we would do that to get people's attention. that gets people to come to our show we're cool with that. >> yes. kids are funny even when not trying to be funny. little jude got his finger stuck in his nose. >> take your finger out of your nose please. >> no. >> please. >> it's stuck. >> he says it's stuck. instead of pulling it out, it's going further in and further in. >> it's not stuck, jude. >> yes, it is. >> can you pull it out, please. >> going through life with a finger in my nose. >> just the way it is dad, deal with it. >> he says maybe i can do this. >> thank you. >> i think he may have been playing a prank on his dad without realizing he was playing a prank on his dad.
9:52 am
>> a prankster in the making. >> this other kid. >> going to make me scared. >> this dad gone to the atm, came back a couple minutes later and his son tells him, dad, he had been scared by the dude. dad realizes what his son was doing and turns the prank around him. >> i'll beat them up. i'll make them scared. >> the value of telling the truth. >> i can't believe i'm telling you this but i'm joking. >> but, dad, he's got more. >> going to find those guys and beat them up. >> i said i was joking about that. >> no. >> this united states ais a lot of stress for this boy. >> we'll beat him up and his dad and his grandpa. >> a good lesson. now the dad's like -- >> getting mean. borrow uncle's gun. >> why? >> because. >> i feel so bad for him. >> he does not realize that he's being pranked. but watch the reveal. >> i lied. >> i got you back.
9:53 am
you see what happens when you lie? >> i'm so relieved but i hate you so much. >> he's like laughing as giant tears fall from his eyes. >> that's why you don't lie to your dad. >> all right, everybody. it is time for us to give away another ipad mini. >> you need the buzzword be 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> then head over to our website,, and click on the win ipad button. enturer the buzzword on facebook twitter or both. enter every day. >> tuesday's buzzword is encounter. >> get over to, click on the win ipad button and enter tuesday's buzzword encounter, e-n-c-o-u-n-t-e-r. >> and one day later this week we'll have bonus giveaway day. that means two winners. one will get an ipad mini the other a flat screen tv. you have to watch every single day. good luck, everybody.
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this adorable dog looks like. >> a jack russell burrito. >> how he dug himself into a whole lot of trouble. >> you're stuck. >> that's kind of funny. >> like a turtle now.
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give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people
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oise but not the noise you'd expect it to make. bet you'd never seen a dog who wants to do housework. not positive that's what the dog wants to do. 10-week-old, i think he wants to sweep the floor. >> or maybe trying to tell the owners they're messy. >> love watching these. cracks me up. >> clever pooch. it does not take the dog long to figure out what to do. i'm dropping the broom, comes inside turns back around grabs the end of the broom and drags it right inside. >> text is the kind of dog to watch out for. >> know what to do. never seen a jack russell bur burrito burrito. >> a blanket? >> his doggy bed. this little jack russell had
9:58 am
apparently according to the post or of the video, dug a hole in the doggy bed during the night. when the owners woke up to see what was going on, he was stuck. >> that's funny. >> like a turtle now. >> you look like a turtle. what are you going to do. >> there's noise you can hear in the background. sounds like coughing. it is not the coughing of the jack russell. they have a pomeranian. it's coughing in the background. jack russell not having problems with the actual bed. >> you're stuck. >> that's our show. we'll see you for the next edition of "rtm."
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